Course Sessions

Find the Google Colab notebooks for the course sessions here.

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An introduction to Python and Data Science


1. An introduction to Python and Data Science Open In Colab

2. Python basics Open In Colab

3. Pandas Open In Colab

4. Visualization Open In Colab

5. Wrap-up Open In Colab


EDA & Unsupervised ML

Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning Open In Colab


Finding Patterns in Messy Data Using Clustering Open In Colab

Prediction and Classification

Supervised ML - Slides

A quick hands-on tutorial in Supervised ML Open In Colab


Employee Turnover UML and SML Open In Colab


Network Analysis

Intro to Networks and Network Analysis Open In Colab

An Introduction to Blockmodeling

Blockmodeling slides [Download]

Blockmodeling notebook Open In Colab


Networks on Instagram Open In Colab


Text as Data

Introduction to Natural Language Processing slides

String manipulation - Fresh-up Open In Colab

Working with long texts Open In Colab

Text vectorization Open In Colab

Text in Machine Learning

NLP and SML Open In Colab


Data from the Web

Scraping in python Open In Colab

Getting Data from Twitter Open In Colab


Explainable AI - Model Explainability Open In Colab

Explaining Black Box Text Predictions Open In Colab